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Corporate Health

Providing the link between health and performance
to realise your potential

We provide the link between health and performance to realise your potential by delivering seminars and workshops on Health, Performance, Motivation, Energy & Mindset.

Once your team has the right information and understands your motivation to succeed and potential barriers they can begin their journey to improved health, fitness and performance. The paradox is that despite knowing more than ever before about what’s needed to create an optimal and achievable level of health, fitness and wellbeing; we seem to be as a population getting less fit, more unhealthy, unhappy and unwell.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016 strengthen the requirements for employers to provide more focus on protecting the health of workers. Employers have a responsibility to ensure managers and supervisors have the capability and knowledge to identify, understand and support workers who may be feeling stressed.

We give you and your team clarity above the confusing array of information and advice. With a large amount of health and fitness information at our fingertips and many people preaching what worked for them as being the best approach for you, you could be forgiven for feeling a little confused about where to start your health and fitness journey.

At Smart Body Fit Mind we work on both sides of you as a leader. First: we listen to you so we understand what you want to get from your body and what is the balance between optimal and realistic to get you there. Second: we enable you to harness your mind by giving you insights into how you process information and what’s needed to learn the thinking skills to perform successfully.

Employee Wellbeing and Corporate Health Seminars

  • 1-2 hour seminars for team training days, team meetings, team away days, and leadership retreats
  • Identify areas of potential and how they influence your performance
  • Practical ideas on how to be more effective with your health and fitness routines
  • Practical ideas on how to manage workplace stress


  • Seminar content, PLUS
  • Health and Performance plan
  • Introduction to diagnostic testing

Individual - Group Employee Wellbeing Programme

  • Seminar & Workshop content, PLUS
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Personalised individual Health and Performance programme
  • Regular group coaching with accountability for 6-12 months

Our seminars, workshops and programmes focus on the following areas:


  • Exercise, nutrition, sleep hygiene
  • Proactive & functional approach
  • Hormonal balance for optimal health


  • Sustaining productivity
  • Maximising brain function
  • Proactively adapting to and managing workplace stress


  • Changing your behaviour
  • Overcoming your immunity to change
  • Reducing cognitive dissonance


  • Operating above the line
  • Recovery for results
  • Thriving vs surviving


  • Developing a growth mindset
  • Improving your self regulation
  • Enhancing psychological flexibility

Paul Todd

Paul is a Health and Performance coach focused on motivating & educating people to improve their lifestyle & form life changing habits which ensure a better quality of life.

Ph: 021 409 558
Email: paul@advancedfitness.co.nz

David Bennett

David is an executive coach who supports leaders and managers to thrive in a complex and uncertain world by understanding and growing their most important leadership asset: themselves.
Ph:021 078 4458
EMail: david@davidbennettcoach.com

As a certified SMEAP provider Advanced Health’s programmes are all tax deductible.

The SMEAP programme was put together by the I.R.D and Exercise New Zealand in 2014 to help businesses/business owners manage the stress that they or their staff face using exercise and balance approach to their lifestyle.